Hello from Lake, MS
My name is Shirley.  Thank you for taking a look at the ceramic ornaments I have hand painted.  My love for ceramics began about 25 years ago when my mom bought an unfinished ceramic rolling pin from the local shop, and insisted that I paint it.  I did, and this was the beginning of a hobby that has always been fun and interesting.  This was, and still is, the perfect way to express my love for bright shiny colors.
I soon bought my first kiln and started a never-ending collection of molds. I sold my finished pieces to family,  friends and at craft shows.  About 8 years ago I discovered that what I loved doing most of all was hand painting my designs on Christmas ornaments.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I get to do what I love, and also imagine the ornaments adding a special touch  to another’s holidays.  My “style” is traditional or old-fashioned scenes.  All are hand-painted with no pattern or decals, so some are similar, but never exactly alike.
My work begins long before the Christmas season, usually in June or July.  I pour the slip (liquid clay) into molds to form the ornaments. When they are removed from the molds, they are sanded and prepared for the first firing.  After they are fired and removed from the kiln, 2 coats of glaze are brushed on.  Then the painting begins, usually 2 to 3 hours per ornament.  My designs are painted on top of the glaze, not under.  This technique, and lots of practice, produces the brilliant colors you see on each ornament.  Then its time for the second firing.  When the kiln cools, its time to open and see the finished products.  Some say its always like Christmas morning!
My wish is that you and your family will enjoy your ornaments, and that you will have lots of warm, happy Christmas memories.  These ornaments make wonderful gifts for someone special.  Those with Mississippi designs are much appreciated by family members or friends who live in other states .
I will take special orders through mid October.  Feel free to contact me at orders@noelsouth.com
Happy decorating!